New version icon19.0.0 - 2019 Edition (6th June 2019)

    • Bug: Fixed bug where the TEXT custom script command would not word-wrap correctly in the raw script pane.
    • Update: Public Talks no longer comes installed with help documentation. This is to keep the main setup executable file size to a minimum. From now on the application will provide any help topics by taking you to the online help documentation instead.

      However, a new feature has been implemented to allow you to make the help documentation available offline.

      In addition, the installer will detect if you had opted to use offline documentation and will download it during the installation procedure.
    • Update: Removed obsolete resources from that application that were no longer used.
    • Update: Standardized the order of the various buttons on all the windows so that they were complication with Microsoft guidelines.
    • Update: Removed Context Help from the application. However, you can still press F1 and it will bring up the help topic associated with that window.
    • Update: Added Help button to the Expression Editor.
    • Update: About Window has had a makeover.
    • Bug: Corrected the RSS Feed website link.
    • Bug: The Custom Script Editor crashed if you resized the application (when no document is open). It does still crash if you resize with a document open though.
    • Bug: The raw script pane did not retain focus when Cut and Delete operations were performed.
    • Bug: The Change Font window was not inserting the standard colours for BANNER, COLOUR, and HIGHLIGHT into the raw script pane as words.

      For example: COLOUR LIGHT_RED
    • Bug: Public Talks was crashing if you tried to close the application whilst the Custom Script Editor was open. You are now prompted to close the editor via a pop-up message.
    • Bug: Fixed a bug with using multiple criteria with the Insert DB Loop script command.
    • Bug: Assignment Editor was not showing the Sample Conflict legend in the bottom right corner of the window.
    • Update: The Congregation Link feature now supports https:// links.
    • Update: The Congregation Link context menu has been changed. It now has three options:

      - Add Hyperlink
      - Edit Hyperlink
      - Remove Hyperlink
    • Database: Sranantongo

New version icon18.0.2 - 2018 Edition (released 12th February 2019)

    • Internal: Updated NuGet Packages for Google Interfaces:

      Google.Apis.Calendar ->
      Google.Apis.Auth 1.36.1 -> 1.38.0
      Google.Apis 1.36.1 -> 1.38.0
      Google.Apis.Core 1.36.1 -> 1.38.0

New version icon18.0.1 - 2018 Edition (released 2nd July 2018)

    • Maintenance Window is now resizeable along with a few other windows.

New version icon18.0.0 - 2018 Edition (released 12th March 2018)

    • Minor bug fixes.

New version icon17.0.3 - 2017 Edition (released 30th May 2017)

    • Bug: Issue with congregations that had an apostrophe (') in the text. It was raising an error message.
    • Update: Changed the order of the OK, Cancel and Help buttons on a couple of windows (for consistency).

New version icon17.0.2 - 2017 Edition (released 24th April 2017)

    • Bug: Issue with Google Calendar authentication and sync.

New version icon17.0.1 - 2017 Edition (released 19th April 2017)

    • Update: Should now work with the Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime Engine (not fully tested).
    • Bug: Fixed issue with decrypting an encrypted Public Talks database.
    • Update: Allow Other Fields In Talk Summary (MantisBT: 0000661).
    • Update: Making it optional to also synchronize the address of the home-talk (MantisBT: 0000341).
    • Database: Arabic.
    • Database: Polish.

New version icon16.0.1 - 2016 Edition (released Unknown)

    • Database: Indonesian.
    • Database: Vietnamese.

New version icon14.0.4 - 2014 Edition (released 25th December 2014)

    • Update: Sync the optional Brother assignment to the calendar (MantisBT: 0000343).

New version icon14.0.3 - 2014 Edition (released 5th December 2014)

    • Update: Calendar Interface to be upgraded to use Google V3 calendar API (MantisBT: 0000213).
      - All Google Calendar users will have to run the authorization process!

      Please click on the MantisBT links to read about the changes made to the program.

New version icon14.0.2 - 2014 Edition (released 18th August 2014)

    • Bug: Google calendar won't update when changes are made to the schedule (MantisBT: 0000286).

      Please click on the MantisBT links to read about the changes made to the program.

New version icon14.0.1 - 2014 Edition (released 4th July 2014)

    • Bug: Certain fonts that supported Chinese characters were not displaying correctly in the Script Editor.
    • Bug: Updated the Script Editor to copy / paste UNICODE text instead of ANSI text. This means you can copy / paste text that includes Chinese characters etc..
    • Bug: Fixed some of the help topic links. They were going to the wrong topics!
    • Update: Several translations have had minor revisions. Thank you brothers!

New version icon14.0.0 - 2014 Edition (released 16th June 2014)

    • Bug: Allow standard windows copy/paste shortcuts in talk list field  (MantisBT: 0000278).
    • Update: Change the look and feel of the application through several Window styles.
    • Update: Consolidated several preference pages into one property grid.
    • Update: Add Flexibility to Script / Rendering Windows (MantisBT: 0000225).
    • Update: Ribbon interface (MantisBT: 0000217).
    • Update: Implemented span_to(main_string, separator_string) expression function (MantisBT: 0000207).

      Please click on the MantisBT links to read about the changes made to the program.

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